The American Revolution was a Media Whitewash
Adam Puchalski

I’d like to discuss the lies that have been fed to us since grade school. Let’s take a look at the American Revolution, an event that’s been force-fed to us since we can first remember. There are several important discrepancies in the story we have been told concerning this event. First off, it wasn’t much of a revolution afterall. The American colonies had the same basic rights before they separated from Britain, though only in a practical sense. For example, pretty much every legal male in the colonies could vote, not because the law gave them universal male suffrage, but because, according to British law, any landowning male above a certain age could vote. Thus, when the “Revolution” came, this was written down to make it seem as if the new America was much more free than it really was.

Furthermore, the Declaration of Independence was nothing more than a sort of “press release” used by Jefferson and company to get France to break the rules of foreign diplomacy, a “dirty trick” to convince Britain’s enemy to side with a group of idealists. And, if one reads the actual document, they will perceive that it is a horrible exaggeration and an outright lie. Jefferson ascribed all of the “wrongs” against the colonies to the King, who, in fact, had nearly no say in foreign policy at the time. The taxation which caused such an uproar in the colonies was actually very small compared to that which the average British citizen had to pay, which leads us to ask the question of just what were the “revolutionaries” hoping to gain?

In the simplest sense of the term, they only wanted power. Raw power over their fellow colonists. They scapegoated their homeland, a country which, for years, had given them exceptional treatment and extra priviledges. And, when they wrested the power from the hands of Parliament and the King, they set up their own equally corrupt and capricious assembly to govern over their newly-freed countrymen. They set up an oligarchal dictatorship, and told the presses to call it “democracy” despite the many contradictions in calling it so.

Do I sound crazy? Do I sound as if I love my country, the same country that’s been lying to all of us since we can first remember? Well, I’ll answer you, because I despise, I loathe and detest this country which, since its birth, has pulled the wool over the eyes of its people, making them think it to be a land of peace and freedom while it has really been little more than a grossly hypocritical imperialist dictatorship.