RAC Blows! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ By: Pierce and Mike D. What can we say about RAC? Well, first we'd better tell you what it is. It is basically fascist punk, a division of Oi!. It stands for Rock Against Communism, which basically means rock agains equality. We have visited some RAC websites, y'know, to check up on the enemy, and we were appalled. There are bands out there called White Wash, Dirty White Punks, and many more, all disgracing the punk rock culture. We saw a picture of a flyer to a show. It was the epitomy of racism. Swazzie's all over the thing, 88 (that means Hail Hitler), and even a thing that said that only white people are allowed to the show. All this was disguised as nationalism. I can almost see the connection though, the system is as screwed as these bands are. Take a look at the military- it is ridden with sexism. A woman cannot enter into West Point without expecting to be raped or harrassed. But now we're digressing, back to the main topic. Personally I (Pierce) have defaced many a RAC site's guestbook with preachings of equality, communism, and anarchism. We suggest you do the same- deface any RAC site's guestbook. A good place to start looking is a webring for Oi! music. There are a lot of Nazis in the Oi! industry, but there are exceptions, like the Oppressed and any other band involved with the SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) movement. When defacing a RAC guestbook, don't make yourself seem ignorant. That would defeat the purpose of signing it. Come off intelligent, and don't so much insult as inform. If you insult, you are sinking to their level. Keep that in mind. "The more you know about something, the better you can fight it." Stay informed.