Amerikan Culture ------------------------------------------------------------------------ By: Pierce and Mike D. There's so much wrong with America today. We almost don't know where to begin. Do we start with the corruption within the White House and the Senate, or do we target the bigotry within the military? We'll start with the NRA puppeteers. They control every single republican. Is there a liberal in the NRA? Not to my knowledge. If anyone out there knows of one, inform us. The NRA has too much power and influence for a private association. To us they're just a bunch of gun-loving conservative scumbags intent on world domination. This may not be as wild as it seems. They have the backing of celebrities, like the beloved Charlton Heston. (He must've gone senile or something... the Charlton Heston WE know wouldn't endorse the NRA... example- Sparticus.) We all know that all something needs is the endorsement of a celebrity to succeed. People think, "Well, if _________ likes it, then it can't be bad!". But it is! People shouldn't trust what they see on TV commercials. They're all propaganda put out to draw you into their trap, be it McDonald's showing nice fresh lobster rolls that in reality are rotten, or be it Sprite commercials saying how they don't need celebrity endorsements, but they still have a damned basketball superstar on it. They're such hypocrites! We find it funny- the commercial where it shows Grant Hill swimming in cash every time he compliments the drink (which IS a good drink, hypocrite or not). After the commercial shoot, he WAS swimming with cash. Which is what is funny about it. There's America for you. Easily enticed by the media. Censorship is another thing that plagues American culture. What ever happened to freedom of speech? The First Amendment. First, as in the primary, most important amendment. But look what we have, the FCC (Federal Censoship Comittee), the CCA (Comic Code Authority), and the PMRC (Parental Music Rating Coalition). All are ways to prevent independant thought. All of which should be abolished. People have the right to say or print anything they want to. This is not Nazi Germany, it's America, the supposed land of the free. That's not how we see it.