Is SXE Fascism? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ By: Mike D. To tell you the truth, I am sick of all this crap. I am sick of SXE kids being generalized with the extreme beliefs of certain SXE bands. I am sick of Hardline SXE kids who kick the crap out of people at shows. Where do they get their reasoning for beating someone who is not a vegan, or in very extreme cases,for drinking soda with caffine? I persoanlly am SXE, and very proud of it. I am not a vegan, I like soda with caffine, yet I am still SXE. Now, I believe that people who are extreme SXE people should settle down for many reasons. A) Contrary to popular beliefs, you CANÓT go around beating people for their beliefs, B) If and when you attack others, you risk the chance of our precious DIY halls being shut down. Then where would we have our shows, huh? The list could go on and on, but I donŐt like typing, so.... Overall, the SXE movement is a great thing, yet as with all things, there is a down side.That down side is these psycotic kids out on a fascist rampage. End this unneccessary violence, and let everyone enjoy themselves. (A)//(E)