Christianity Is BS ------------------------------------------------------------------------ By: Jeff - Of Jeff's Boston Punk Page More and more I realize as I've grown that the religion that I've been taught to idolize (Catholic school from k-8) is all lies manifested by people of past generations and passed on as the truth to us. Just think how many contradictions are in the Bible! The biggest in my opinion is one of the ten commandments: Thou shalt not Kill. Of course this is a great ideal to live by, but how many role models truly live by it? War heroes (Christian in many cases) come back from wars beaming proud and are awarded with medals for killing immenese amounts of foreigners. Not only does our government support this, but the Christian religion supports this too. They don't speak out on how it's wrong, and someone should! Christians have a lot of nerve to complain about abortion, condoms, sex, masturbation, and homosexuality (all issues I disagree with the church) and allow killing at the same time. Christianity was taught to me so I thought every moral in it was correct and right. I realize now that their false morals are ignorant. I'm not trying to convert anyone, stand up for what you believe. But don't conform to a religion, stick to your own beliefs.