Punk Is Not Dead, But It Probably Should Be ------------------------------------------------------------------------ By: Adam Puchalski from Attempt Failed Ok, here goes, my first real attempt at writing an article....I'd like to bring everyone's attention to something that really gets my goat, and that is the word "punk." First off, punk may not be dead, but it sure as hell isn't doing anything productive. It used to be about bringing around positive change through music and a DIY culture. Granted, I wasn't around in those days, but hearing about the original goals of the punk movement was what attracted me to it in the first place. However, when I go to a show, what do I see? Brainwashed fucking clones. Everyone's so uptight about how much credibility someone has, or whether or not someone has the right kind of torn t shirt or spiked leather jacket. I'm sorry, but is this what punk was about? i thought it was about anarchy and the destruction of the corporate capitalist power structure. And yet these self-proclaimed "punks" would rather spend their money on beer, pot, and spikes for their $200 leather jackets than on a donation to A.R.A., the A.L.U., Food Not Bombs, etc. And then when someone actually DOES try to change something, the thugs at the shows tell them to "shut the fuck up with the political bullshit." Apparently, they'd rather yell Oi! and throw each other around than actually listen to what a lot of the bands are trying to say. Don't even get me started on the subject of POP PUNK shit. The Ramones were shit, Green Day have violins on their new album, the Queers sing about "yummy yummy punk rock girls." What is this?!? Since when is punk about profits and stadium concerts? I refuse to call myself a "punk" because I detest the packaged product it has become in recent years. Go home, open up your Crass record (or tape, or cd or whatever) and read the lyrics. Wow, it sure says a lot, doesn't it? Throw away your spiked bracelets and "manic panic" hairdye that you bought at HotTopic. Talk to a real Anarchist. Support your local political prisoner. That's what punk should be about.