The Dream ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Dream By: Pierce The majority of people are happy living in the bigoted system that we live in today. I don't see why they are. Most people are not too priviledged or living the Amerikan Dream of being rich and living in a big house in the suburbs. I don't think that the Amerikan Dream is something that is a reality, but instead it acts as somewhat of a motivation to make American workers work harder, y'know, to try to achieve this. It's kind of like the heaven and hell of Christianity- no one has seen it, but it is said to exist, and people are motivated to try to get to heaven. Both circumstances, I think, are loads of crap. There's no realization of heaven, just like there's no realization of the Amerikan Dream for most people. We need to open our eyes to that. I think a good solution to this would be to set your own goals in life, not let the status quo dictate what you strive for. If you WANT to work at a gas station, go for it. Don't let the system get you down thinking that you haven't realized their ever important dream. If something is important to you, no one can tell you you're wrong. Remember that, and good luck.