The Situation in Iraq

As almost everyone who has not been in a cave for the past week or so knows, the U.S. has commenced bombing Iraq once more. But what is the reason for such aggression? Some say that it is a now-proverbial "Wag the Dog" situation, with Clinton using Iraq as a scapegoat to distract attention from his impeachment proceedings. However, perhaps the opposite is true: it may be feasible to suggest that Clinton is using the "Wag the Dog" argument to take attention from the Iraqi situation. For example, in the movie "Wag the Dog," a war was fabricated to draw the media's eyes from a Presidential sex-scandal. With the American public drawing comparisons between the two, it would lead them to question the validity of the Iraqi situation, as if it was all a studio-produced lie. And, if people don't believe in the existence of such a conflict, why would they protest against said conflict?

The real reasons behind the bombings and sanctions on Iraq are the same as those behind America's involvement with the Phillippines in the beginning of the 20th century. Namely, our so-called "leaders," wanting to show their strength and "prove themselves" as a major world power, are using a small-time 3rd World country with an equally two-bit dictator (dictatorships are the best, as the military and government can always stir popular opinion by calling it a matter of "human rights") and with lots of good natural resources to flex their muscles. But what becomes of it? The country's people are murdered needlessly and oppressed even more than by their dictators through bombings, sanctions on food and medicine, etc. Also, once our "democratic" military takes over the old regime, we simply replace it with our own brutal dictatorship, so long as it makes sure to give the U.S. its oil and other resources. What does that spell? More deaths, more oppression, more American puppet regimes with no regard for human life. All in the name of Human Rights. Human Rights? Ha! it's all a fucking smoke-screen to justify the United States' corporate actions!

No War Through No Government!